Fritzing Fab is a service to produce professional PCBs out of your Fritzing designs – affordable and easy.

What do I get?

  • professional PCB made directly from your Fritzing sketch
  • a fancy white board with black print
  • any size, any quantity (no minimum)
  • quality »Made in Germany«  (even Made in Berlin!) and RoHS compliant

...shipping to anywhere in the world.

Just how cheap is it?

Fritzing Fab does not produce one single PCB at a time, but a bunch of them. We collect Fritzing designs and produce them together on one large PCB. The boards are manufactured by a professional board house here in Berlin.

We charge per size and amount – the more you need, the less expensive it gets. One Arduino Shield costs 29€, two will cost only 24€ for each.

see price table

Do we check the design, too?

Yes, we take a quick human look at every board to check that there are no potential production problems or obvious mishaps. We cannot check, however, if your circuit is electronically correct. 

Please visit the FAQ page for production details and answers about other questions before your order.

How do I get started?

It is very easy to have your own professional PCB produced:

  1. Layout your board in Fritzing
    Learn more
  2. Export it for PCB production and upload it here.
    Learn more
  3. Get all parts and assemble your board.
    Learn more

Fab Dates

We produce every week, with Tuesday 12:00 (CET) as deadline. Shipping will be one week later on Thursday.

Every Tuesday is Fab day!
Submit your layout by
January 24 at 12:00 (CET)
and we will ship it on February 02.

Picture of PCBs